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Deborah Ballis Hirt, Real Estate Agent for the ballisgroup

Deborah brings a unique perspective to ballisgroup. With 20+ years in the real estate industry and experience in city government, she shares Elizabeth’s focus on providing luxury service to clients on every type of transaction.


As a partner of ballisgroup, Deborah shares her in-depth knowledge of residential construction, contract management and her broad understanding of Chicago with every client. Her background includes positions with Chicago Public Schools, the Public Building Commission and the Mayor’s Office of Special Events.  In addition, she is co-owner of Milestone LLC, a residential & commercial development company in Chicago.


Born and raised in Chicago’s North side, Deborah attended both public and private schools. Having lived in Old Town, Gold Coast and Ukrainian Village, Deborah now resides in Lincoln Park with her husband and 3 stepkids. She is a die-hard Chicago sports fan and dog lover, especially for the family’s Black lab, Archie.